Miya Stone | Pussy Pressure | 5-4-15

This week, we had a sexy girlfriend threesome for you with Britt and her friend Miya. It started when Britt's boyfriend, Ralph, came in on her with his camera while she got ready for her graduation. Britt was half-naked and running a bath. The girls tried to shoo him away, but he was persistent, so they let him stay. Britt got into the water first totally naked, and Miya followed shortly after. Both these girls were stunning. Miya was a sexy Asian babe with big tits, and Britt was a curvy white girl with a perfect booty. Ralph got horny and suggested that the girls make out, but they refused. Then Britt showed off her bath boyfriend, as she spread wide and put her pussy under the hot running faucet. That really got things going, and pretty soon, the girls were hungry for some more action. They started kissing, and that led to eating pussy. After that, they moved the party over to the living room where they took turns sucking and riding Ralph's cock. You won't want to miss a second of these two freaks going off on each other and that dick. Ralph was a supremely lucky guy that got to blow his load all over both these hot babes!