Monica Rise | Friendly Threesome | 8-25-14

Get ready for what may possibly be the greatest, lesbian, GF Revenge episode EVER! Right from the start of this one, we knew it was going to get rowdy when a carload of sexy chicks talked about raiding their friend's apartment, Deedee, for some naughty action that'd never happen again after her wedding. Jenna, Monica and Brooklyn wanted to surprise her, so they called Deedee to see if she was home and pretended to be shopping. Then they popped in on her and started to chat her up. But before long, they were all pulling out their titties to see if they could lick them. When Jenna busted out a vibrator as a present for Deedee, she went into the next room and brought back her own. By then the girls were upfront about making one last lesbian sextape; and after a some hardcore flirting, they finally got Deedee to agree. Next thing we knew, ass, titties and pussies were out and getting rubbed and licked. They went absolutely wild on each other in this all-out, lesbian threesome. And trust us when we say, they put those dildos and vibrators to good use. Ironically, the girls made a pact to never show the video to anyone. Lucky for us, that didn't hold up!