you won't believe the videos these kids are sending us!!!!

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it's all about your good friends in this latest daredorm submission. these guys came out on top. once you find out that one of your buddies is a virgin, it almost makes you feel like you have to help him out on that situation, either he wants you to help him or not. this is what this group of guys did. it also helps having a female friend that will do anything for you. after talking to her online, and her showing all of her goods, this guy convinces her to come over and help his friend out with his virgin problem. she comes over and this girl is hot, with a nice bubble butt thats out of this world. poor dude was all nervous, he did not know what to do, but she did. all im saying is that i wish my first time was with a girl like that, instead i did it with this monster of a..... nevermind.
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this is the real fucking deal!!!